Drive Your Plants Up the Wall!

Anna Carpenter

It is inspiring to see so many solutions to the lack of growing space offered by many companies today.  Actually, these walls of green are appealing even just for a splash of color on an otherwise drab wall or fence… and can provide you with some herbs and vegetables that you would not otherwise be able to harvest.

The HerbXchange offers pre-grown wall boxes so that you'll be harvesting fresh herbs from your garden in no time. The Southern California company is currently sourcing herbs from local growers, and their herb pockets will fit just about anywhere and come in beautiful wood frames.

Wooly Pockets “Wally” vertical garden pouches can be used indoors or out, and are great for everything from houseplants to edibles. Using a Wooly Pockets Wally is incredibly easy: Simply hang your Wally on your wall using the screws and fasteners provided, fill it with potting soil, and start planting! They come three lengths: singles, triples, and quintuples, and they're all modular, so creating your own vertical garden design is a breeze. Wooly Pockets are made from from 100% recycled plastic water bottles.



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