Donations of Food and Household Goods

Bennie Padilla

The MWA's food and household goods drop-off project was very successful. Thank you to each person who contributed to this drive at a time when there are so many local citizens in need.

Donations were made to the Northeast Mental Health Center and the Northeast Wellness Center located on Figueroa in Highland Park. The center was very appreciative of our gifts and expressed the hope that we could continue to help during this difficult time.

We are now asking all MWA members to look through your cupboards and watch for two-for sales at your grocery stores and bargains at farmer's market. If you have fruit trees, or gardens, bring your fresh goods that are above what your family can consume to share with others in need.

Please bring items directly to the General MWA meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 21, 2011 at the Jack and Denny Smith Auditorium - Mount Washington School. Other household goods are also appreciated.  Consider toilet paper, facial tissues, dish soap, bulk food etc.

Let's work together to show that this is a community that cares about all of its members.


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