Dog Walking

Anna Carpenter

Mount Washington offers great trails for dog walkingThe Seaview Loop. Credit Anna Carpenter with stunning panoramic views of the city and the mountains.  Perhaps the most popular is the dirt trail that connects all the Sea Views -- Avenue, Drive, and Lane (you can really impress lost drivers by knowing the difference between these streets!).  The road has some strategically placed benches were the sunset can be enjoyed while taking a quiet break from a full day.  On a clear day you can see the silver line of the ocean on the horizon, and there are always hawks balancing in the wind currents flowing from the vast vistas below. 

Another location for enjoying a brisk or leisurely dog walk is along Mount Washington Drive.  This is one of the original streets of our area, winding through an undeveloped canyon from the top of the hill all the way to Marmion Way at the bottom.  Cars prefer more direct routes so this curvy street has very little traffic, making it a very enjoyable walk for both man and dog.

Wildlife abounds on the hill and the coyotes have been particularly active lately, so it is advisable to keep your dogs on a leash, so as to avoid confrontations for the larger dogs or the disappearances of small dogs.

It is sensible (and the law) to leash your dog, to protect him from car accidents and as a courtesy to fellow walkers who may be allergic or scared of dogs.

It is also the duty of the dog-walker to scoop the poop and dispose of it in the garbage. In the future it would be wonderful to have special garbage disposal cans for dog poop along these trails, but until that day, be responsible.

The closest dog park is in Hermon, across the Arroyo off Via Marisol. For more info, visit  Another great park with lots of green grass is Alice’s Dog Park in Pasadena; see


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