Crime Report

Anna Carpenter

During the holiday season the biggest concern seemed to be keeping the UPS, Fedex, and other packages from being stolen, since there were people following the delivery trucks.  In fact, thieves were caught on video (again by Eric on Glenalbyn) checking out his neighbor’s front door, then taking down one of his cameras.  (You can check out the surveillance video on the MWA Facebook page, if you wish.) Police advise having your merchandise delivered to the address of a neighbor or a friend that is home.

Our Senior Lead Officer Nina Preciado gave the following report regarding catching a car thief:  “At approximately 10:30 p.m. on December 30, Northeast patrol officers received a radio call of a prowler suspect in the 700 block of Moon Ave.  The citizen that called 911 provided a description of the suspect’s vehicle and partial license plate number.  Officers arrived and observed a gold Honda Accord with the matching partial description of the plate provided.  A man was asleep inside the car, the car also appeared to be stuck along the curb.  To make a long story short, officers checked the license plate to get DMV information and the license plate matched a Honda Accord. Officers went a step further and checked the VIN number ... it did not match the license plate, thus the car was a stolen vehicle! Officers conducted a "pat down" of the suspect and found a shaved key in his pocket. The suspect was also in possession of several different shaved keys and two screwdrivers. 

The suspect also had two outstanding warrants to add to his charges! Thank you to the Mount Washington resident for being vigilant and calling 911.  A big thank you to training officer Serrano and his partner Officer Avila for conducting a thorough investigation.  The suspect was arrested for Grand Theft Auto and his two warrants, and all shaved keys were booked as evidence.”

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