Crime Fighting Resources and E-Policing

Rob Schraff

Your Mount Washington Association has been active this year on the public safety front, hosting LAPD Neighborhood Watch public outreach officers to guide us through the process of creating Neighborhood Watches, and working with the ASNC to attempt to get Neighborhood Watch signs. We are also lucky, even with recent modest surges in property crime, that Mount Washington remains a relatively low crime neighborhood.

Of course, no crime would be even better, and getting local crime information directly from the LAPD as quickly as possible can really make a difference - so it’s definitely worthwhile to check out the detailed information about local crime, available online, directly from the LAPD.

First, sign up for the Northeast LAPD Newsletter. It’s very easy to sign up - just go to, then click on the "e-policing" icon and add your address/zip code. You’ll immediately start getting the latest e-mail blasts and newsletters on local crime trends and issues, upcoming police events, and neighborhood-by-neighborhood updates by Northeast Division LAPD Captain Bill Murphy.

There are also some interesting location-based crime-mapping tools – via the “crime maps” or “compstat” buttons – that are really easy to use. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and if you want the latest crime and crime-prevention information direct from the LAPD and Captain Murphy, it’s the place to go.


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