For the Birds

Pat Griffith

The Arroyo Arts Collective’s site-specific installation project on the parkland of the Audubon Center at Debs Park ended on May 7 with a closing reception and auction, with music by Artichoke. The month-long project touched on a wide range of themes relating to our local birds, and was truly a unique blend of art and nature, and a rare glimpse into this urban wildlife sanctuary set in our own neighborhood. Each Saturday of the installation featured an event for all ages, allowing kids to make their own art about our feathered friends, or to talk with the artists.

Some examples from the installations:

A Few Words about Birds, by Mary Clark-Camargo

Mary Clark-Camargo is an Eagle Rock mosaic artist whose art has been featured in numerous galleries, museums, books and television shows. Her installation, A Few Words about Birds, comprises four mosaic panels featuring birds found in the park and words that best describe their attributes.  Each bird represents a single category found within the boundaries of the park.

The Birds, by Peter Hess

Peter Hess attempts to make art which amuses, lingers, and has aesthetic merit. The Birds stands as one of the Alfred Hitchcock works most indelibly stamped on the public imagination. Though it was intended mainly as chilling entertainment, the film saw its release less than a year after Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking book, Silent Spring, which detailed the grim legacy of environmental abuse, particularly on birds.

If you missed these remarkable artist-made installations, you can read more about the artists at:

And you can always visit the Audubon and be enchanted by the nature-based experience there, Tuesday – Saturday, 9 a.m to 5 p.m.


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