Ahrens/Figueroa-Villa Named Democrats of the Year

Bill Rumble

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party recently named MWA member Paul Ahrens "Democrat of the Year" in the 45th Assembly District. Paul received his award on August 27 at the Party's annual Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner at the Sheraton Hotel near Los Angeles International Airport. The entire Ahrens family attended the dinner. Paul's wife, Anne, beamed upon seeing his smiling face come up midway through the video tribute to all award recipients. Daughters Josie and Roberta cheered another photo which showed Paul at a rally. Paul's neighbors, Bill Rumble and Carol Jacques, joined the Ahrens Family at their table and cheered along with them.

MWA members remember with appreciation Paul's leadership during the time the MTA was building the Gold Line train system through Mount Washington. He co-chaired the MWA's Gold Line Committee with attorney Larry Hoffman. Paul and Larry convened numerous committee meetings, helped neighbors identify their concerns about safety and other issues, and articulated the community's concerns to the MTA Board of Directors. As a result, the operations of the Gold Line through Mount Washington have been safe and relatively without incident.

In recognizing Paul, the LA County Democratic Party wrote:

"Paul Ahrens volunteered in dozens of campaigns, including Students for McGovern in Montgomery County, PA, working with The Coalition to Stop Funding the War in Washington DC, and walking precincts for San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. He also worked for Tom Hayden for US Senate, and was a staffer at the United Farm Workers. Currently, Paul is a Motion Picture/TV Property Master, and serves as Assistant Business Agent of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees Local 44. He is a Delegate to the California Democratic Party Central Committee and the LA County Federation of Labor, and is an elected member of the LA County Democratic Party Central Committee."

The Party also named Sandra Figueroa-Villa "Democrat of the Year" in the 45th Assembly District. Sandra and her husband, Jesse Villa, are long-time residents of the Glassell Park community. Their daughter, Xochitl, graduated from Mount Washington Elementary School. Sandra is a founder and current Executive Director of El Centro del Pueblo, a social service agency located in Echo Park. She has more than thirty years of experience in community involvement at the federal, state, and city government levels. She is a member of the City of Los Angeles' Commission on Children, Youth, and Families.

Congratulations to Paul and Sandra!


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