“Viva Poetry” on the Saturdays leading up to Lummis Day

Eliot Sekular

The 2011 Lummis Day "Viva Poetry" series, to be held on three successive Saturday afternoons,
began on May 7 with an event featuring Austin Strauss and Brendan Constantine at the Autry National Center for the American West in Griffith Park.

On May 14, the series shifts to the Eagle Rock branch of the Los Angeles Public Library and will feature poets Jessica Goodheart and Suzanne Lummis. On May 21, the series concludes with an open microphone event at the Los Angeles Public Library's Arroyo Seco branch.

The "Viva Poetry" series leads into the opening event of the 6th annual Lummis Day Festival on Sunday, June 5, which will begin at 10:30 am with a poetry reading featuring some of Los Angeles' most acclaimed poets.

The 2011 Lummis Day Festival will include music and dance performances beginning at 1:00 pm at Heritage Square Museum and an art exhibit at Lummis Home, beginning at noon. For more information on all Lummis Day events for 2011, visit www.LummisDay.org.

This year's "Viva Poetry" series and the June 5 poetry reading at Lummis Home are sponsored by PEN Center USA and Poets & Writers Inc. through a grant it has received from the James Irvine Foundation.

Last year nearly 100 performers and artists from 17 bands and dance troupes, plus dozens of artists, craftspeople, and community groups are participating at the event. In the tradition of the Lummis Day Festival, performers on the three stages at Heritage Square Museum will again represent an eclectic mix of cultural traditions and artistic styles.

We'll have a food court at Heritage Square Museum this year and crafts will be offered for sale at Lummis Home. Community groups will be represented at the Heritage Square location with booths and information tables.
Admission to all events is FREE!!! Parking is available at Heritage Square Station, along the North side of Pasadena Avenue, along Carlotta, and Avenues 42 and 43, with Shuttle Buses available to Heritage Square Museum.


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